In the mood for harmony

For the third edition of  SENSITIVITIES OF DANCE, we welcome Andrège Bidiamambu and Mackenzy Bergile to our floor of conversations through and with the body:

In the mood for harmony is Andrège Bidiamambu’s first solo piece accompanied with a soundscape by Mackenzy Bergile. It is the first essay of decade-long research on movement, an introspective journey, a quest of the self in the ability to unfold the intricate dimension of being. 

I am, without constraint of aesthetic belonging.
I am ready to loose myself, I am aiming to loose myself.
Cellular memory, Flux, Technique, are carrying the message of yesterday to tomorrow and further.
Till infinity my energy remains
Honesty by any means, the emotions justify the gesture.
This is an invitation! This is an excavation!
Kinshasa, Antwerp, Maorlaix, Rennes
Layers on layers, the multiple overcome the one.
I'm living it, I dare you to join.
You're the unknown of my equation, Can I be a the glitch of your matrix?

A challenge to reach a state of honesty which appears when the mind & body present in a space & time is invaded by a rhythm, a melody... In search of this ensemble that resonates as a harmony, the quest to reveal and experiment the unspoken emotions.

Andrège Bidiamambuis a Congolese-French performer based in France. He started dancing in 2008, attracted by funk style dances and mainly by locking. In 2010, he joined the collective La Tete dans les Baskets with whom he continued his career and acquired technicality and openness. In 2015, he performed in the regional creation Clin d'oeil du temps, Overflow by the Compagnie Amala Dianor and S'poart. The year after, he became a performer for the Compagnie Chute Libre, with whom he performed Flash Player, In Bloom, Un sacre du Printemps and The harmony of disorder. Since 2018, he works with the Compagnie Gabriel UM in the project Candide 1.6 .

Through the years, he had extended his interest then developed, finessed and mastered a distinctive motion, fed by diverse styles like Contemporary Dance, Capoeira, Congolese traditional dances and Tai Chi. Andrège is internationally recognized in his main style of Locking and he has participated in numerous international competition in China, Japan, France and Amsterdam. Additionally, he is teaching and judging in dance competitions. 

Mackenzy Bergileis an artist, choreographer and composer of Haitian origin. He grew up in Paris and is currentlybased in Lorient.
He is developing a multidisciplinary practice for dance where his interests intertwine with distinguished practices. He began this practice with the social dances of Haiti and Hip Hop dance. Then his sensitivity for the body led him to overflow his relationship with gesture, to create an emancipated, innovative, communicative dance whose expression touches the sublime. Where does dance begin? He questions the definition we have for dance, seeking its necessity, its nature.

He developed his approach to the piano as and autodidact – which also is how developed his dancing skills. Inspired by Baroque music, Musique concrète, Jazz, Funk, African music, Hip Hop and Electronic music of all styles, Mackenzy Bergile interweaves all these genres to create a musical terrain on which seeds of sensitivity, expressiveness, inventiveness and modernity grow, giving birth to singular and even revolutionary sound materials and harmonies.

SENSITIVITIES OF DANCE highlights different contemporary approaches to encoding or decoding the art of dance, movement and sound by opening up conversations about the complex construction of interdisciplinary, cultural, movement identities. It looks at how capturing different layers of hybrid identities through the dancing body and associative sounds can lead to a counter-discourse on sociological, political, philosophical and physiological differences. Each month 2-3 invited dancers and one sound artist from different disciplines en/ decode their individual movement art practises together. Moderated by Jumoke Adeyanju and Thomias Radin, profound questions are answered in the form of verbal language, movement language and/or music.