Gospel of Wealth

On Open Monument Day, we invite you to an urban performance in which the paper cast of the monument will be transformed. The site of the performance is another public square that carries a history of violence in its name: Nettelbeckplatz, which commemorates the colonial propagandist and slave trader Joachim Nettelbeck. 

Viewing life as a gold rush will result in worshiping the golden calf and the golden rule becomes that those who have the gold, rule!

Spirituality drops out!

Morality drops out!

Collateral damage. The myth of the one reigning over the existence of many.

Many of you, many of us, many of them, many of me are echoing inside the empty shell of the one.


      Move forward!

Bigidi bigidi, head up fast forward!

Gospel of wealth questions the impact of the glorification of a western colonial figure and its heritage within the individual and collective consciousness, from an Afro-diasporic perspective. From Nigeria through Congo to the Caribbean.

In the performance, we encounter several mythologies, embodied by sonic and danced intervention. We aim to open a new conversation acknowledging and valuing collectivity over the myth of a political figure and material wealth.