How many different weapons does it take to fight?

Accompanying the solo exhibition LETTER FROM A GUARANI WOMAN IN SEARCH OF THE LAND WITHOUT EVIL by Patrícia Ferreira Pará Yxapy which explores the Brazilian indigenous filmmaker’s work through the archive of her audiovisual journey, we invite you to a gathering around narrations and strategies of, and beyond, indigenous filmmaking and storytelling. Engaging a plurality of voices that resonate with the spirits released by Patrícia Ferreira Pará Yxapy’s letters in the exhibition, the INVOCATIONS explore cinematic practice as a tool of resistance and healing. 

For these particular INVOCATIONS we will think through notions and ideas brought up in the exhibition and twist them in various formats seeking commonalities as well as coalitions to engage the forces of cinema to move beyond its borders. With the invention of the moving image, the camera has been instrumental to the affirmation of the colonial project, feeding an epistemic imaginary fabricated in the West. We aspire to explore decolonial acts and strategies of disobedience forging for filmic counter-narratives. How many different weapons does it take to fight? Tracing the historical entanglements of power relations and moving image, we will spark the discussion with reflections on fiction, futures and representation (TAKE I), the struggle for land rights and cinematic documentation (TAKE II), to finally explore the concept of indigeneity  through coalitions and commonalities empowering film circulation (TAKE III).