My deeds don’t fit my name.
A circumlocution

Our project IT GO HAVE TO ADJUST – on the parasitic nature of language and the contaminating role of language in oppressive, dehumanising systems – echoes on through the SAVVYZΛΛR radiowaves – This Sunday with poet Jasmina Al-Qaisi: 

My deeds don’t fit my name. A circumlocution is: 

A text for bushes, winds, waves and tongues
A post-anthropocentric naming imaginary
A naming ceremony
An apparition of Fates as butterflies

This text was read at Baerenzwinger Berlin, where the brown bear Schnute was living in confinement until 2015. Her name was Schnute (snout). I renamed myself Gura (mouth). 

A name to fluff me up 
A name to give me space
A name you can say
A name you remember
A name you remember names 
A name to call so the seasons can answer
A name to sound through cycles 
We look into each other cavities and smile in communalism 
A name like that

This is a tribute to the immense fortune that Marija Gimbutas left us in archeology, fantastic inheritance in evolutionary biology from Lynn Margulis, feminist legacy of Sara Ahmed and Rosa Luxemburg. Their multidimensional critique transpires in this text.

Special thanks to Ioana Nicolae, Mircea Florea, Lori Lako, Laura Sandu, Stela Knezevic, Ralf Wendt, Anca Benera and Arnold Estefán.