It go have to adjust

Our project IT GO HAVE TO ADJUST – on the parasitic nature of language and the contaminating role of language in oppressive, dehumanising systems – echoes on through the SAVVYZΛΛR radiowaves:

We start with a three-part series, where librarian Tal Lewinsky is in conversation around the possibilities and impossibilities of language with thinkers and writers. A time in which newly coined terms like „remigration“ transport, thinly veiled, violent fantasies of mass deportation demands even more careful listening and use of language.

In the first episode, Tal talks with Jens Rydgren about the history of rightwing populism and their strategical use of language. Jens Rydgren is professor of sociology at Stockholm University, he has written and edited several books about the populist rightwing parties in Sweden and the world.

In this episode, the prizewinning author Richard Milward talks about his latest book, Man-Eating Typewriter, the slang Polari, sects, anarchism and counterculture in 1960s Britain. 

In the third and last episode, Tal thinks with Hassan Blasim about broken languages and broken people. They are interested in what war, exile and love does to language.