Dispatch from Fantasy Island

Last year, we had the great chance to be in Trinidad with our project IT GO HAVE TO ADJUST. Thanks to our dear colleagues at Alice Yard we were spoilt meeting wonderful people. One of them is the poet and DJ Tracy Assing, who kindly accepted our invitation to close the sonic iterations of our project with the playlist „Dispatch from Fantasy Island“.

Tracy writes about it: „As a writer, I have always curated my playlists like a storyteller. I am aware that not every dj does this. I select tracks to tell a story to my audience using the lyrics, rhythms, tones and frequencies of my selections.

This is a Trinidad story. A story of Trinidad. A story of belonging. A story of love and possibility. Even as we embrace the modern trappings that come with the spoils of industrial development, we are always seeking to balance this with our inherent relationship with nature. As a member of Trinidad and Tobago’s indigenous community I feel this struggle deeply. The scales tip to and fro and our future hangs in the balance. I have included some of my very favorite musicians and writers here, like the Bearded Bellbird and the cicadas. All the tribes have something to say. Listen closely.“


1. Dispatch from Fantasy Island 01 – Instrumental [Produced by Lyndon Livingstone for Razorshop Productions & Tracy Assing]

2. Creation of the World – Andre Tanker 

3. Tonight is de Night – Brother Resistance

4. Shanti Om – Shorty 

5. Dispatch from Fantasy Island 01 – with vocal [Produced by Lyndon Livingstone for Razorshop Productions & Tracy Assing]

6. Bearded Bellbird atop the Main Northern Ridge at Dawn in Brasso Seco, Paria  – Recorded by Ché Ragoo

7. Trouble in Arima (Alternate Version) – Lord Kitchener 

8. Columbus Lied – Shadow 

9. Mountain (Unplugged) – Sheldon Holder for “The Amerindians”, A documentary film by Tracy Assing

10. Rainy night. Grief. – Recorded atop Hololo Mountain, Port of Spain by Tracy Assing

11. Curry Tabanca (Reprise) – Neal and Massy Trinidad All Stars (Original track by The Mighty Trini)

12. Don Alberto - Rebuscar – Parang Lime

13. Trinidad is Nice – Brother Valentino 

14.  Cicadas at Dusk, Ajoupa Gardens, Freeport – Recorded by Tracy Assing