Pneuma: Is Language Enough?

Filmmaker and artist Pallavi Paul is currently presenting her first solo-exhibition in Berlin, newly commissioned by SAVVY Contemporary and shown in the framework of Berlinale’s Forum Expanded 2022. 

THE WIND IN YOUR BODY IS JUST VISITING, YOUR BREATH WILL SOON BE THUNDER seeks to unravel the politicization of the act of breathing and conditions of breathlessness where the biological process is interwoven with class, caste, and race, the complexities of which have been further laid bare during the pandemic. 

With the accompanying INVOCATIONS programme we attempt to expand the discourse on the intertwined strands from history, language, philosophy, medicine and meditation practices evoked in the exhibition to present the entanglement of breath with the world of its making. Challenging and addressing the historical and legal frameworks that enable and reinforce oppressive realities and the material conditions of the cinematic medium and its audiences, the public programme further pursues these deliberations in conversation with filmmakers, medical practitioners, lawyers, activists, historians, journalists, anthropologists, and musicians.