Following the fourteen positions featured in the exhibition component of HOW WILL YOU ASCERTAIN TIME?, the reflection on the negotiation and multiple facets of waiting continues and is expanded through conversations and performances during the two day INVOCATIONS program. Thinking through and with the publics in waiting – including the stateless denizens, cultural practitioners, third-generation immigrants, infrastructural decision-makers, lawyers, artists, activists, and scholars into creating a space that understands and aligns to the pace of peripheral time.

HOW WILL YOU ASCERTAIN TIME? reflects on the ongoing discourse on waiting by taking Shahram Khosravi's work as a point of departure and by setting the foundations of this project on the reading of time through the lens of waiting. “Waiting” here is understood as a non-linear experience of time where the realm itself has no beginning or an end. It is a condition that lies on the periphery of capital and colonial time, imposed and protracted as a mechanism to exercise authority, where time is a construct and value established by the empire meant to be followed by its subjects. Hence, waiting becomes a political condition that deeply impacts psychologically and is felt emotionally and physically by those who become inevitable victims of this realm, and like other political conditions is experienced differently by each body, relative privilege of class and race, and geography.