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SAVVY community, we need your support!

One year ago, we moved into a new home for SAVVY Contemporary to ensure the continuation of our practice of radical conviviality, unlearning and sharing. In the new pandemic situation we proceeded and are still proceeding to make (a) space for community – in symbolic and pragmatic ways, in emotional, intellectual but also economic ways of support and togetherness. As a space filled with minds and hearts locked together, not locked down, we put our energies into offering a sense of community thinking through our shared now.

These are times in which SAVVY Contemporary’s community needs to be heard and seen, to make a stand – accentuated, visibly situated. The current expressions of endangered communities, defying the continuous history of political violence explain the reasons for self-determined, independent spaces – for the communities holding them together, able to transform the violence and the silence, into continuous co-creative spaces of a collective living. As a space that is constantly becoming, that is taking risky positions, moving on a path of radical conviviality, SAVVY Contemporary is a constantly endangered space. With our engagement, we aim at making co-creation and pluralistic living an enduring and tangible reality.

Due to the current challenging situation, we need the support of our community in making this space.

Where we lack funding, we are rich with a strong network of friends and supporters. Artists are among our longest-term friends and they have now generously offered their art works to raise independent funds for SAVVY Contemporary. We give massive thanks!

H O W  i t  w o r k s

By purchasing these original works or editions by artists close to our space and practice you will be contributing greatly to the maintaining of our work.

::: All the artworks offered in this fundraising sale are donations by artist friends of SAVVY Contemporary, therefore, for this occasion, they are offered at a special price.

::: Each work is linked to an online shop at where you can purchase it directly until 17.10.2021.

:::  Unless stated otherwise, all art prints are sold unframed. Special requests for frames will be handled individually. The extra costs for framing and shipping will be covered by the buyer.

::: You will receive a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

::: Editions will be produced and shipped after the sale has ended. Please note that it can take 3–4 weeks to have your purchase shipped.

::: The costs of insurance and transport are paid by the buyer. Worldwide shipping is possible at the buyer’s cost.

::: Transport will be organized by SAVVY Contemporary unless stated otherwise.

On est ensemble. We give thanks.