My Body at the Center

The first edition of our new dance programme SENSITIVIES OF DANCE is entitled "Floating. My Body at the Center" and evolves around the question of re-centering and reclaiming our bodies: Why does the body move? With invited dancers Elizabeth Clarke-Hasters aka Qui, Joy Alpuerto Ritter and Nasheeka Nedsreal, and together with the sound artists Elsa M’bala aka AMET and Jessica Ekomane, we will delve into their individual origins of dance and assay meta-level spatial movements of the floating body at the center.

Sensitivities of Dance highlights different contemporary approaches to encoding or decoding the art of dance, movement and sound by opening up conversations about the complex construction of interdisciplinary, cultural, movement identities. It looks at how capturing different layers of hybrid identities through the dancing body and associative sounds can lead to a counter-discourse on sociological, political, philosophical and physiological differences. Each month 2-3 invited dancers and one sound artist from different disciplines en/ decode their individual movement art practises together. Moderated by Jumoke Adeyanju and Thomias Radin, profound questions are answered in the form of verbal language, movement language and/ or music.