4100 YEARS 

In this very special year, we continue to honour Halim El-Dabh by thinking, listening, playing, singing, dancing and summoning the voices of vitality as he has been doing for decades in his sonic endeavours. Halim El-Dabh would have turned 100 years old this month and would have continued to carry the 4000 years of pyramids, making him 4100 years old. 

To celebrate the scope, diversity and depth of the work of musician, Pan-Africanist, creative musicologist, seminal composer, and philosopher Halim El-Dabh, and to open our research, exhibition and performance project HERE HISTORY BEGAN. TRACING THE RE/VERBERATIONS OF HALIM EL-DABH we invoke voices, homages, imaginations and musical visions into a day-long INVOCATIONS of musical performances. 

This first iteration of our INVOCATIONS series on El-Dabh brings together some of the most crucial elements in his own history: sound, movement, and performance. For this occasion, we have deeply and carefully listened to Halim El-Dabh’s work through the years and commissioned composers, musicians, dancers, visual artists to explore ways to relate to and conjure his spirit through their own artistic language. It includes re-enactments of El-Dabh’s musical compositions that become an inspiration to the artists invited. Together, we honour El-Dabh by sharing, underscoring and commenting on his practice, annotating his presence and absence in the complex history of the Western contemporary and electronic music canon.