Spinning Triangles:
Ignition of a school of design.
Hong Kong

On the occassion of the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus, SAVVY Contemporary seeks to challenge and act against the inherent, neocolonial power structures in design practices, theory and teaching with its project SPINNING TRIANGLES. It takes up the founding moment of the Bauhaus one hundred years ago and starts from its reality as a school of design to reverse and reshape it.

First and foremost, the Bauhaus was a school of design. It aimed to educate a new generation of designers, makers and thinkers that would face the challenges of their “now”. SPINNING TRIANGLES takes up this founding moment of 1919. Not in order to repeat it but to twist it: we will create a school of design that has what it takes to tackle the challenges of our “now”, and might, precisely by this, turn into an “Un-school”. This school will not be developed by the geopolitical west, but through the accelerated movement between three deeply interwoven places – Germany, D.R. Congo, China – and will confuse their prescribed roles as idea provider, raw material supplier and champion of production.

The first spinning of this longterm project will have taken place in Germany (Dessau and Berlin) and will accelerate into its second spinning in Kinshasa, where the prototype of a “school” of design will be created that is “exported” to Berlin for a month long summer school whose learnings and unlearnings will be spinned further in Hong Kong, at Para Site. 

In Hong Kong we will further engage with narratives of modernity and modernism and its relationship to coloniality. The school will challenge its presuppositions performatively by simply actualizing itself in the context of Hong Kong.