On Ecologies, Fugitivity, and Transmission

Join us for the accompanying programme within the framework of our project  ECOLOGIES OF DARKNESS: Unfolding over the course of two afternoons we invite you to a series of presentations, performances, conversations and informal discussions on the politics of transmission, listening, practices of flying and fugitivity and technologies of healing. How do we enable the transmission of affects such as longing and desire as well as of a past of shared precariousness and distorted histories? How do we become fluent in each other's histories, seeking unlikely coalitions? As Chandra Talpade Mohanty asks, "What are the conditions, the knowledges, and the attitudes that make a non colonised dialogue possible?" Considering the need to sit and talk, share, name, and create forms of solidarity to face the socio-political challenges of the world we live in, we would like to use this occasion for a collective reflection.

A detailed programme will follow soon.