ARTension: Straight forward with
... Sarah Vanagt!

Sarah Vanagt (*1976) studied History at the universities of Antwerp and Groningen then trained at the London National Film and Television School.
In her works history and its narration play a major role. Her research led her to the war zone between Congo and Rwanda where she found in the harmless play of children, political dimensions and a revelation of the social status quo in these regions. The sensitive connection between history, reality and their intertwinement become visible.
Her work has been shown at several international film festivals and is part of the series of political films shown at Kino Arsenal. She lives and works in Brussels.


First Elections 15 minutes
Goma, Eastern Congo, April 2005: A group of children act out the first democratic elections since independence. Their election game includes a lot of violence and death. The relationship between local politics and the children is embodied by Bébé Rico and Bébé Elégance, two animated babies used in commercials. The Rico advertisements have a political connotation in the collective imagination of Congolese people. Bébé Rico is identified with President Kabila, and Bébé Elégance with Vice-President Bemba.
Little Figures15 minutes
a work in progress


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