ARTension: Straight forward with

In the course of the exhibition Perspectives on in / outside we kindly invite you to a presentation by and discussion with Christof Mayer and Francesco Apuzzo of raumlaborberlin:

Acting in public
Appropriation and activation of public spaces through collective processes are some of the main subjects of raumlaborberlin. Using the example of Chaise Bordelaise and Sedia Veneziana, Francesco Apuzzo and Christof Mayer will explain the concept of construction as a social act and an instrument for the formation of communities.


Artension is an open platform for a critical discourse on and between artistic, scientific and other socially relevant positions. We invite guests to present their projects and discuss their subjects of interest in a public debate. We create a space for direct and intense engagement with concrete ideas, as well as a possibility for a first-hand experience, which can be meaningful for the audience.