ARTension: Straight forward with
...Emeka Udemba!

The project Close Space questions the identity of urban spaces and how they come to be. It traces what produces them as well as what they produce and follows the question of how a space can be creatively accessed, engaged documented and understood. This project alludes to the historical as well as contemporary context of two infamous cites: Neukölln in Berlin and Hillbrow in Johannesburg. Using visual imagery, the aim is to look for affinities, differences and other peculiarities with a view of understanding how these spaces evolve.

Born 1968, Emeka Udemba studied art education at the Lagos state collage of education/University of Lagos, Nigeria. Udemba’s art practice is a process of continuous inquiry where various creative genes interweave. He produces installations, performances, photography, video and drawings. His works explore questions underlining individual as well as collective experiences dealing with issues of socio-cultural influences and politics. He has won various prizes, grants and residencies and is also involved in curatorial art practices in public spaces. He lives and works in Freiburg and in Lagos.

We warmly invite you to the presentation of Emeka Udemba´s work, which will be followed by a Q&A session and a buffet.


Artension is an open platform for a critical discourse on and between artistic, scientific and other socially relevant positions. We invite guests to present their projects and discuss their subjects of interest in a public debate. We create a space for direct and intense engagement with concrete ideas, as well as a possibility for a first-hand experience, which can be meaningful for the audience.