Looks Familiar is dedicated to the idea of family – as the smallest of social cells, as a political issue, as a culture bearer, as history, as home. Looks Familiar is an exhibition, an art project and a book dealing with actions that are both political and moving playfully, questingly towards the city and society.

For four weeks, new works by Julia Prezewowsky, Marco Montiel-Soto and Edition Taube will be exhibited at SAVVY Contemporary. Approaching the subject and the location, the artists dealt with questions such as: What do family ties tell us about social networks, elective affinities or individualism in societies? How do justice and injustice, power relations and ways to dream and to fail present themselves within constellations of (surrogate) families? With its project Familienbesuch,Looks Familiar actively involves local residents and visitors. Parallel to the exhibition, photographer Sibylle Hoessler, illustrator Bo Soremsky and author Karim Ben Abdelkader will visit families in Neukölln. The documents and portraits these visits result in will be added to the ongoing exhibit.Additionally, Looks Familiar will be documented and accompanied my means of a publication.

The artistic encyclopedia is a cooperation with art book publishing house Edition Taube. Un-curated by Susanne Husse and Jana Sotzko.

More Information here, including Videos, Fotos: looks-familiar.tumblr.com