The most powerful instinct of man is to be in conflict with truth, and with the real.

Jean Baudrillard, Radical Thought

The finding, combining, transforming and presenting of sometimes trivial objects and materials as art works built some of the milestones of art history in the last century. The “reality” seems to be that these art works are stuck between two sides of the same coin: on the one hand, the lie of being authentic and original art works, as they are based on found objects, which in their form have already attained the utmost functionality. On the other hand, the truth of being in a particular context and concept, thereby, gaining a new authenticity, originality and innovativeness.

Thus is the case with the famous hangers found by Lan Hungh (1976, Taipei) and Darri Lorenzen (1978, Reykjavik) on the way to SAVVY Contemporary for the first real meeting on their exhibition project, entitled RPLCMNT. This twist of fate thus became a trigger for both artists to playfully research on the truth, the hyper-real and their opposites. In a Watzlawickian combination of chance and necessity these hangers served as the initial point of a new reality.

Parallel to the exhibition in the SAVVY Contemporary art space, there will be an online-based exhibition on the platform: www.rplcmnt.tumblr.com which also questions the concept of space and physicality, as well as the gallery as a geographical Place where art is exposed.