Please join us together with Between Bridges in the SAVVY house for the launch of W’AHU – a new magazine platforming Ghana’s most diverse communities. 

Roughly translated as “Have you seen?” in the Akan language family, W’AHU sheds light on a diverse collection of visual artists, activists, stylists, photographers and writers working in Accra today. At a time when Ghana's creative voices are more essential than ever amidst the looming threat of anti-LGBTQ bills sweeping across the continent, W’AHU stands as a beacon of celebration and resistance for increasingly marginalised voices.

Join us for readings, discussions as well as a special performance by activist and performer, Angel Maxine.

Angel Maxine Opoku has made headlines for being Ghana’s first openly transgender musician. Her song “Kill The Bill” is a campaign song against the Ghanaian anti-LGBT bill, and her latest single, "PrEP" gives public health information about the preventative HIV medication. She currently resides in Berlin.