Improvisation as a Practice

For the first of our three utterance of STEPPING ON EACH OTHER’S FEET: IMPROVISATION AS A PRACTICE, we are excited to host Sonic Interventions. Departing from the transcultural Jazz scene of the city and a plurality of backgrounds, as well as musical traditions, they respond to the project's call to conceive a porous score of improvisation, as a means of sensing and communing with the many embodied vulnerabilities we share within. They propose experimentation with a hybrid format, which is also new to them: live instrumental improvisation meeting DJ improvisation. In this session, they will listen to the undercurrent pulses of language from their instruments and to those of the bodies, voices, and energies of the crowd at SAVVY, and to each other. The outcome of our shared improvisation will later be aired on SAVVYZΛΛR radio.

With over three years experience in improvising full length shows as a collective, Sonic Interventions archived 23 hours of personal live recordings – an archive gathering a body of work that creates a space of reflection, future forecasting, and recognition of the living echoes of historical and interpersonal past’s in our shared present. For the first time, the band will weave their influences, their personal archives, and their live improvisation, all at once. The preparatory score proposed is the environment and the format, while the interpretation is, by and with, the present community itself. Sonic Interventions' debut album has a genesis of a similar process of inquiry, and comes in fall 2024 on Agogo Records.

We look forward to your joining us to modulate and harmonize among the polyrhythms of our embodied musical and spiritual archives, ancestral practices, sonic abilities, and struggles: new and old, learned and learning, sensuous and rejoicing, to coordinate our personal memories and expressions in collective time and place. 

SONIC INTERVENTIONSis a band of transdisciplinary, diasporic-futurist musicians based in Berlin. Sonic emerged in 2020 from weekly jam sessions on Tempelhofer Feld and is now established as one of the city's most acclaimed underground Jazz collectives. Known for inclusive live spectacles, in which moments of meditation and trance rise into heavy grooves, rhythms of the African and Latin American continents coalesce with Hip Hop, Trap and House. The band combines poetry and dance inspired by the cosmos, ancient alchemy and world mythologies.

Sonic Interventions played at Jazz Montez Frankfurt and the euro-scene Leipzig in 2022, as well as at the 2023 edition of the XAZZ! Festival in Berlin. Their debut album is set for release via Agogo Records in 2024.

Photos by Raisa Galofre