SO DIKHEA? Here despite everything!

Cinematic Roma perspectives on home

In the framework of our 11-days-long programme LET'S SIT DOWN TOGETHER AND TALK ABOUT A LITTLE CULTURE, the International Roma Film Festival AKE DIKHEA? invites you to the film programme SO DIKHEA? – which means "What do you see?" in Romani language. It shows film perspectives of Roma, this time under the motto: “Here despite everything!”. The selected films address the ongoing threat of deportation, exclusion and patriarchal oppression – but above all resistance, ways to assert oneself and to fullfil one's own dreams for the future. 

The programme is suitable for young people aged 12 and over.

Fifteen Minutes

By Sejad Ademaj // Germany // 2022 // 13 min
In German and Romani with English subtitles
Live Action

Jasmina wants to go on a class trip but her immigration status won't allow it. The doorbell rings: her boyfriend, she thinks, but it's the cops instead, declaring she and her family have to leave Germany in 15 minutes. [CW: police violence, suicide]

Producer: Maximillian Gebhardt


Amaro Filmos – We are here!

By Olad Aden // Germany // 2022 // 45 min
In German
Participatory documentary film

In Amaro Filmos (“Our Film” in Romani), young Roma from Berlin give an insight into their lives and thoughts. With humour and self-confidence, the protagonists answer the questions: How do we see ourselves? How are we seen by others? And what inspires us? The participatory documentary film not only sheds light on the dreams, future aspirations and role models of a generation, but also on urgent social problems: racism, gentrification and the resulting spatial displacement of an entire community.

A co-production of: RomaTrial e.V. & Gangway Straßensozialarbeit in Berlin e.V.

Matthew Mark Luke John

By Tom Wilson // Romania // 2018 // 70 min
In Romani with English subtitles
Feature film

The feature film tells the story of 15-year-old Rebeca, who dreams of going to high-school. However, Rebeca’s family won’t let her. Determined to win approval, she starts visiting the local church of her Christian Baptist village where a young priest tells her to read the Bible. She does so, and starts to discover radical passages that call for an uprising against social injustice. A conflict with the patriarchs of the village breaks out – with life-changing consequences.