Artist in Residence 2024

We are honoered to welcome DeLovie Kwagala, also known as Papa De, as our new artist in residence!

Papa De, who joins us as part of the Martin Roth-Initiative for artists at risk, is a trailblazing force as the first openly non-binary queer photographer from Uganda. Their journey so far has unfolded as an international award-winning multi-disciplinary visual artist, filmmaker, and staunch human rights advocate. DeLovie's creative canvas is adorned with profound explorations of gender identity, notions of home and belonging, migration, displacement, and their interconnectedness with the urgent realm of climate justice.

Navigating the realms of black queerness within the diaspora, DeLovie's artistry is a defiant stance against the colonial gaze, aiming to deconstruct prevailing narratives of fetishization, victimization, and the objectification of black bodies. Their mission extends beyond mere representation; it's about the preservation of dignity and the reclamation of African queer histories that have been too often marginalized and erased.

DeLovie was honoured with the East African Photography Award in 2021, marking a historic milestone as the first openly queer photographer to be honored for a project centered around queer narratives. Their work has graced the pages of renowned publications such as Time Magazine, Photo Vogue, The Guardian, BBC, Dazed, DW Nnews, CNN, Reuters, Gay Times, Openly Nnews, Global Citizen, PhMuseum, Washington Post, Nataal, Pink News, The Wire Magazine, Afropunk, World Press Photo, Feminist, and many more, amplifying their voice across global platforms.

Beyond their artistic endeavors, DeLovie is the founder of Hashtagwhatnext, a dynamic movement and community-led organization dedicated to empowering queer youth migrants through artivism. With a steadfast commitment to forging safe pathways through international collaborations, DeLovie champions the transformative potential of art as a tool for social change.

During the residency in Berlin, DeLovie continues to weave their narrative on a global scale, harnessing the power of art to provoke dialogue, inspire change, and nurture a more inclusive world.

To learn more about their work, please visit the website