With this airing, we bring METHODOLOGIES OF TOGETHERNESS from the workshop space to the radio waves. Last November, this collaborative project with Bureau des Arts Plastiques (BDAP) and the Bureau du Théâtre et de la Danse (BTD) of Institut Français Germany connected emerging cultural practitioners from the visual and performing arts fields across contexts to facilitate exchanges of knowledge, research, and practice. 

17.03.2024 16:00
stomach listening and cognate cooking
With Jasmina Al-Qaisi 

The day’s cooking session with Jasmina (otherwise spelled Yasmeen) Al-Qaisi was an invitation of speculation on nurture towards languages we inhabit and that inhabit each other. (Musa)gga‘a-kás-kkà-ca-khan-qa'a is a reference to different dishes with cognate names -a common root and few letters difference- differing in ingredients and passed-on know-hows. This aired session of cooking al-kalimat (الكلمات of words) hosts siblings' knowledge, internet glitches, cookbooks, intuition, gut thinking and a communal consensus of living with each other's decisions. You will listen into the stories told across voices and urgencies, with a transmission of the common reading session that took place across languages and geographies: a horizontal methodology for encountering and critically learning, and unlearning, as a group.

Jasmina Al-Qaisi is a poet who writes for voice and paper, articulates and performs orality with sound, food or care practices towards uncontainable forms of literature. When writing with sound, Jasmina shape-shifts in inexistant institutional forms, invents jobs, engages in human and more than human relations and broadcasts temporarily or mobile on free and public radios. Raised in South-East Europe on one Danube shore by an extended family of all ages, her experience with home-food has probably a wide range of influences from Balkanic food practices with Byzantine and Ottoman influences, combined with West-Asian and Levantine cooking memories and Central European food with various influences.

17.03.2024 17:00
Balíkan: A Methodology of Togetherness
With Anjeline de Dios

To be together is to come back to each other. In this sound piece, Anjeline de Dios weaves together spoken and sung fragments gathered during her REFLEKT artistic residency with SAVVY Contemporary and the Goethe Institut in Fall/Winter 2023 as it joins with her session part of Methodologies of Togetherness. In returning to personal reflections, transcriptions of listening experiences, and recordings of chants improvised during workshops, performances, and private sessions, Anjeline proposes a sonic notion of togetherness premised on the ethic of balíkan, a recurring loop of listening that exercises a mutuality of intention, transient and hopeful, to return to a sense of shared self against the inevitability of separation and disconnection.

ANJELINE DE DIOS who was born and based in Manila is a chant artist and cultural geographer working in the intersection of sound performance, decolonial humanities, and meditation training. Since 2015, she has participated in collaborative performance works, workshops, and residencies in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Germany, and Indonesia through her practice of improvised chants. Anjeline also publishes research on music, migration, and labor, and is the co-editor of The Elgar Handbook on the Geographies of Creativity (2020). She holds a PhD in Geography from the National University of Singapore (2015).