Mending the tear 

In the framework of our 11-days-long programme LET'S SIT DOWN TOGETHER AND TALK ABOUT A LITTLE CULTURE, join us for a workshop with Queer Analog Darkroom which unites storytelling and reflecting on diasporic archives with collaborative activation through artistic reproduction. It will be led by collective members Mia, Naim and Nikita in collaboration with Jas Wenzel. 

Participants are invited to bring personal objects and photographs or associative references such as clothing pieces, books, texts, images, maps, accessories or meaningful objects that connect to their understanding of belonging, home and being part of a diasporic community in Germany to the workshop. The first part of the workshop will be to get to know each other and find common threads across different diasporic experiences. Shared trajectories can be feelings of neither being here nor there, being in two places at the same time, uprootedness, grief, loss of ancestral lands, and memories. Yet, our stories are not only formed by lack and longing. Rather through sharing we can access new ways of being vulnerable and perhaps a sense of healing. Through questions, stories and engaging with the collections in the SAVVY.doc, participants are offered to create a microcosm of belonging and understanding with each other. 

The second part of the workshop allows to create a collaborative large scale work that reimagines concepts of imperialist archive making as well as the group’s common understanding of lack and makings of belonging. By working with a Xerox copy machine and collage materials, participants can create their own unique imagery that engages with ideas of collectivity, solidarity and envisioning a future of kinship with each other.

As the workshop is part of an 11-days-long programme, the space will be accessible to the public and by-passers might linger in the space to share food or enquire about the program. There will not be any other events hosted by SAVVY Contemporary on the day of the workshop. The collaborative art work created by the participants will be on view in the space until the end of the event series.