In June, the Masolo Podcast will be live in our SAVVY house!

Adelina, Ladivine and Nadine form the Masolo podcast trio from Berlin, which has been commenting on actualities since 2020. Whether it's pop culture, music, film or everyday news – there's something for everyone.

Last year they hosted their first live show and this year they are doing it again and we are honored to host them in the SAVVY space. 

The evening is divided into following two segments:

1 :: Discussion
How can we consume media by problematic artists? Intersectionality in music and pop culture
Misogyny manifests itself in the private and professional lives of artists such as P. Diddy, Koffi Olomide and Eminem. We listen to their music and dance to it, even though some of the lyrics may cause pause. Together with you, we want to examine and discuss our listening behavior from an intersectional perspective.

2 :: Game
TOP 5 Ciara Edition
Let's create a top 5 list of Ciara's discography together. You are welcome to create your own Top 5 Ciara lists, there will be VERY lively discussions.

Malengo and nuhhdelay are providing the music.
There will be snacks too.