In the framework of our 11-days-long programme LET'S SIT DOWN TOGETHER AND TALK ABOUT A LITTLE CULTURE,  we dedicate this afternoon to a conversation about voicing dissent in, through, beyond cultural spaces. 

We find ourselves in indescribably hard and uncertain times as today's world is plagued by the ongoing violences of wars, genocides, forced displacements and exiles, gentrification, plundering of resources, exclusions and cultural control, impoverishment through imperial powers, impacting our lives in different ways and with varying intensities within the fluidity of our positionalities.

In contexts and difficulties, can art help create alliances and collective initiatives to change the current situation? Can cultural spaces continue to foster a culture of alliances in a climate of stifling expressions of dissent? Over the past months we have faced a dire situation in our environments when it comes to voicing our dissent with the current political situation resulting in suffocating silence. Let’s sit down and share how we can collectively make space for voices to be heard, collecting strategies and imagine ways of continued work towards a pluriverse of stories that counter a singular narrative.

In our 11-day-programme of Juntaderas we invite you to voice our questions, to commune around films and gather under screens and projections, while expanding as a community by feeling and thinking together about the urgencies, challenges, and struggles of our now. This afternoon is an open invitation to an uncurated conversation on our now. 

This space for encounters proposes these meetings knowing that long processes of resistance await us, complex, slow, sometimes small, almost imperceptible, sometimes painful, but in any case, processes that require a high dose of hope. They are processes in which we reinvent, conspire, and carry forward the seeds of freedom from the memory of our ancestors, from our bodies, from our scars and also from our imagination.