PHOTO Angelina Golt
PHOTO Angelina Golt

The Kids of the Diaspora's "INNER GARDEN PARTY“ is a journey to our true self, our essence, our identity of who we are beneath social labels, dissolving emotional attachments and stereotypes. 

It will be a unique and soulful experience full of replenishing sensations. We will start with a sound bowl meditation followed by a guided catathymic imagination to your „inner garden“. Then, we put our visions on paper during the Sip&Paint Session, giving you an overall guideline of how to decode your painting and look for your soul's messages that give hints to your physical, mental and spiritual needs.

The workshop will give you tools to travel and to consciously explore – on a deeper level– yourself or the topics, that you are concerned about. 

Kids of the Diaspora was initiated in 2016 and grew from a poetic fashion movement into an awareness brand empowering marginalized individuals. The founders, Leni Charles and Cherrie O., wield fashion as a potent tool to convey a message that transcends borders. KOTD's purpose has expanded to provide a safe space, fostering a deep sense of belonging for those often marginalized. The movement goes beyond borders, with Leni Charles and Cherrie O. based in Vienna but working from the Diaspora.

DECONSTRUCT THE CONCEPT OF MINORITY is one of our guiding principles that has been integrated into the common parlance. The founders believe in challenging societal norms and false identities, as echoed in their central message, "Deconstruct the concept of minority." 

The impact of KOTD has reached globally, gaining recognition through exhibitions, fashion collections, inclusive castings for movies and commercials, talks, poetry, community and brand collaborations, short films, and events such as "The Inner Garden Party." KOTD's overarching intention is to connect like-minded individuals worldwide, fostering collaboration among those dedicated to working towards inclusion.

This intention is embodied in the "Identity Series," a thought-provoking exploration that challenges societal norms, false identities, and imposed isms. The series reflects KOTD's firm belief that positive change begins within, inviting individuals to question labels and embrace authenticity.

The "Kids of the Diaspora’s Inner Garden Party" is an imaginative, soul-cleansing meditation prompting participants to explore their identity beyond labels and isms. Join the movement that celebrates diversity and unity, showing that positive societal change begins with collective introspection of our authentic selves.