Collective Reading

Photo Denis Laner

For this week’s WEDDING AFFAIRS Nachmittag, we explore our library together:
The radical archive aims to encourage and therefore to enable access to rare, unnoticed or ignored books and documents. The shelves of our library are home to a multitude of written texts spanning from critical theory to literature, from art magazine to political analysis, from exhibition catalogues to poetry collections. The SAVVY.doc archive is constantly growing. We wish for your curiosity to bring you to interesting explorations and exciting findings.

Please join us for this open workshop to transform the SAVVY.doc library into a dynamic communal space that foregrounds personal encounters with you, our neighbours. Echoing our exhibition CURES: CHRONIC PROMISES, this initiative invites you to simply join us for tea and a range of daily practices that permit us to work side by side – maybe repotting plants, molding clay, sewing, or simply perusing and reading our library. It is an opportunity for us to meet each other and speak about the preferred ways in which we heal and grow separately and together, side by side.