Calendar for a Century

Times are looping and space is shrinking. 

Anxiety can be breath, tension can be heard and there are things that cannot be unseen. The complexities of our planet increasingly demand the active development of response·abilities for ever shifting grounds. Thus, it remains crucial to keep coming together, keep intersecting worlds, keep making space, keep holding space... and time. Responding is never limited to an immediate time, so we hope to sustain pulses. Violent continuities and their ever evolving emergencies never last only a day, a week or a month, they may reach beyond a year or a decade. For a sustained ride without burning out in the first steps, it is necessary to remind ourselves we can make space and stretch time as long as we hold together.

In light of the shrinking possibilities and resources for art spaces and a yearning for futures unknown and abundant, SAVVY friends has assembled a Calendar for a Century as a collective envisioning for 100 years to come with images by 10 different artists and designers each capturing a decade. With deep gratitude for the support, vision and imagination of the contributing artists Aditi Kapur, Czar Kristoff, Diana Ejaita, Erick Beltrán, Farkhondeh Shahroudi, Irene Fernandez Arcas, Jean-Ulrick Désert, Luiza Prado, Nolan Oswald Dennis, and Zohra Opoku.


We give thanks to you all for supporting one of the few contemporary art spaces in Germany that center marginalized perspectives outside the Western white cube canon. We continue to persist despite the rising cost of rent and limited public resources because of your generosity.

Here's to the coming century, together.