WE IN PROGRESS is an audio-visual art project of the initiative BLACK DADS GERMANY in collaboration with Yero Adugna Eticha (Black in Berlin). Intended as a pure monologue concept and in line with the African oral tradition it breaks with the fast-moving, impulsive and often hate-speech-ridden, unbridled world of discussion on the internet. The work focuses on the autobiographical life stories of Black fathers in a majority white society in Germany and examines (these life) stories of Black fathers who otherwise do not find a hearing. Some Black fathers have lived in Germany for decades or were born, raised and socialised here. Their lives have not been sufficiently documented so far – neither in films, nor in plays or books.

WE IN PROGRESS creates safe spaces for Black people and at the same time border spaces for white allies. Spaces in which there is a return to the lost virtue of listening. The empathic force of the interdisciplinary work is reinforced by the portrait photography of Yero Adugna Eticha. Archived as time capsules, we enable future generations to gain an insight into the lives of Black fathers. WE IN PROGRESS creates realistic, tangible and empathy-promoting spaces full of Black (life) stories.

We’re happy to present you the life story of Anthony Owosekun, father, educator, and founder of EMPOCA as well as DE_CONSTRUCT. Anthony will talk about his life as a Black father, his time as a Black boy scout, his experiences in nature and his love for his children. One voice – one life story.

Exhibited at the Architecual Biennale in Venice 2021, WE IN PROGRESS was part of the artwork "100 Ways to Say We" which was published on the online platform "100 Ways to say We. An Archive of the Future". In 2023, WE IN PROGRESS was successfully exhibited and performed at the Dortmund Goes Black Festival at the Theater Dortmund, Liebe und Geld Festival of the Schauspiel Dortmund, as well as at the BLACK OUR STORY MONTH at Each One Teach One e.V.

Please find more information on BLACK DADS GERMANY and the WE IN PROGRESS project here: www.black-dads-germany.com.