Join us for a tour with the curators and the SAVVY team through our exhibition LAKBAYAN: Voices of resistance from the Philippines. Dang A Dang Radio shows a collection of protest music and sonic expressions of dissent and sociopolitical struggles in the Philippines. Through a sampling of the archive through “listening stations” with additional text and visual material, it will enrich the contemporary understanding of protest through the vibration, frequency, and tonality of voice, sound and music.

The exhibition will present an inter-generational selection of sounds from the classics of the First Quarter Storm movement, a period of civil unrest in the 1970s, to the current generation of activists and musicians, accompanied by background information and context through materials like songbooks, liner notes, posters, and photographs from the collection of Dang A Dang Radio, and other progressive organizations. Drawing from the spirit of the Lakbayan, the exhibition will “transport” the stories of struggle from the peripheries, not as an appeal for mercy, but in a call for solidarity.

The exhibition will map the themes and sectors represented in the archive and how they are reflected in the music and other audio materials featured. It hopes to show not just worsening conditions and oppression, but also the sound of movements gaining strength and building political power.