We are honored to welcome Chinnamasta into theSAVVYZΛΛR ether, inaugurating her sonic residency in the pace of polyrhythms, as aural offerings come intermittently through the coming months. 

This first session launching with us is a re-transmission of her first mix aired as part of Radio TNP / AMPFEMININE. Chinnamasta’s next sessions on SAVVYZΛΛR invite us into her research by means of knowledge inscriptions through the sonic: linking histories, presents, and futures through rhythms, archives, samples, vocals, and bass from across the Afro Diaspora –  moving us within and around Atlantic, Indian, and Caribbean geographies.

Chinnamastais an Amsterdam-based Caribbean DJ and sonic / cultural researcher. DJing is an extension of her practice and presentation, carrying her interests in the cross-pollination of sonic landscapes and cultures between peoples. Her sets are layered, eclectic, energetic, and savory. 

Chinnamasta is the goddess of death, rebirth, and contradictions in the Tantric pantheon. Chinnamasta is on the quest to recover and restore the crucial impact and influence of Caribbean music worldwide, delving into the hybrid intersections of cultures within post-colonial, Afro-Diasporic sonorities.

Through rhythms traveling from the cross-continental sonic routes of the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Indian, Chinnamasta brings us on a venture to shake those as*es.