infinity rug

infinity rug offers a moment where sound, collective learning and intimate care come together to forge a space of togetherness. You are invited to bring your own rug to contribute to a rug-constellation. Lay down and get cosy with us, drift off with us. Bringing the domestic to the public realm, we will tentatively explore new ways of being-together and offer a space for reflection, rejuvenation and introspection.

Through the evening of Saturday, 02.12., until the morning of Sunday, 03.12., we will gently guide you through a soundscape of field recordings, ambient, experiment and deep-mind music, interwoven with ceremonial performances, texts and poetry, scents, textiles and food offerings.

infinity rug is a sonic-seance initiated by marum and lou drago.

There are a few key pieces of information to keep in mind:
Firstly, there will be an opening window from 18h–20h in which you can arrive, and there will be a dinner served during this time. After that, no late admissions will be accepted. We will have two spaces activated during the night. On the resonance floor, we wish to instigate a non-verbal spell as a way of exploring the myriad other ways in which we can attune with the sound and each other. Underground, in the cave of murmurs, a space inhabited by playful entities throughout the night, and there it will be possible to speak verbally for those who wish to – sadly this lower space is not wheelchair accessible. Still, the rest of the space will be. We will have DGS interpreters during the dinner and initial welcome.




What to expect at infinity rug at SAVVY Contemporary
infinity rug is a music and performance event that takes place in different spaces, such as factories, clubs, theaters, boats. This time it is hosted at SAVVY Contemporary in Wedding. The event begins on Saturday 2 December 2023 and will go overnight until midday on Sunday 3 December. 

Here are some things you can expect will be a part of this infinity rug event:

– rugs and cushions for people to sit or lay down on the floor

– vibratory platform to sit or lay on

– loud music

– low lighting

– incense

– haze from machines

– dance performances among the people sitting/laying down

– meals: dinner and breakfast will be provided. Dinner is a vegan meal of lentils and aubergine served with rice (gluten free) or rye. Breakfast will be chia puddings with plant based milk (gluten free, vegan and soy free available) 

Language and communication
Interpreters for German spoken and sign language (DGS) in German will be on site during dinner, the introductory speech and the closing speech. There will be a well-lit space for people to see the interpretation. Introduction and closing speeches will be given in English. During the rest of the programme there will be no verbal communication in the ground level space. Downstairs there will be brief performances including verbalized reading in English. The text that is read will also be filmed and screened. 

We will have a care team. There will be an area clearly marked where you can find them throughout the night. You can tell them if you are uncomfortable or need help. The care team are both hearing.

Access to Building
SAVVY Contemporary is a ground floor building with a large toilet built for wheelchair use and several all-gender toilets.

The music at infinity rug will take place on the ground floor. 

The bar and food will be on the ground floor.

Some performances will take place in the basement level, which is sadly only accessible only by stairs. We are really sorry to share this information. 

The entrance and hallway doors on the first floor are 2,20m wide. The door to the bathroom is 95cm wide.

We will mark a space where people can sit and feel stronger bass and low frequencies. There is also a vibrating platform on which visitors can touch and feel elements of the music. We ask those who are hearing to leave this vibrating platform free for Deaf people as they have priority.

Earplugs are available for free.

SAVVY Contemporary is 120 meters away from the nearest U-Bahn station, S+U Bahnhof Wedding. This station has two elevators.

As of 29.11.23 one of the two elevators at S+U Bahnhof Wedding is functional. Please check this website to stay up to date on their condition. 

The nearest bus stations are Berlin Nettelbeckplatz/S Wedding, Bus Lines 147/247.

The nearest free public parking lot is 500 meters away at Pankstr. 29.

Other Information
Drinks will be served at the cash bar during the entire event. Free snacks will be offered during the night. Dinner will be served between 19–21h. Breakfast will be served from 8h. The cost of the meals are included in the ticket. Drinks to be paid by guests. Tap water is available from the sinks in the bathrooms.

This event has a self-managed wardrobe for jackets. This means no one will be overlooking this area, so please only leave at your own risk.

If there is something we have neglected to mention, please reach out to us at