Indigo Waves And Other Stories

You enter the exhibition INDIGO WAVES AND OTHER STORIES at SAVVY Contemporary like the wind in the sail of a dhow carrying the tunes of the shores passed. So, perhaps the most appropriate way to navigate this body of water with music and sound as the compass. For the exhibition and for SAVVYZAAR, the Dhow Countries Music Academy conjured a sonic scape of the Afrasiatic Sea. As a music school preserving and promoting music heritage of the „dhow region” of the Indian Ocean and the Arab Gulf, its members have their ears not only proverbially on the ground, but also under water. As an institution, it is also tasked with teaching traditional music from the „dhow region”, such as taarab, kidumbak and ngoma, thereby serving as guardians of a living cultural heritage. Its name alludes to the traditional sailing vessels, the dhow, used over centuries to cross the sea from and to the East African coast to the Arabian Peninsula and the West coast of Asia.