Field 5. Aura

Please join us for a listening experience within our collaboration with MaerzMusik:  "A “field” can be understood as a sound field or a field of possibilities, where sonic energies merge, intertwine, overlap, travel, or remain static etc. Wojtek Blecharz started using this term in 2017 for any piece of music, where musicians are not facing the audience in a traditional stage setting but are rather located around or between the listeners. Opposite to a performative/ music installation a field has a fixed score and dramaturgy." – Wojtek Blecharz

At SAVVY Contemporary, Field 5. Aura is a sound treatment for 1 listener (laying on a mat with covered eyes), 1 performer and 7 wireless speakers.
Commissioned by Roskilde Festival.

Wojtek Blecharz’s music often redefines the traditional concert format and proposes different relations between the listener/viewer and the sound. His music involves site specific projects, participatory audience, elements of music and instrumental theater as well as immersion and embodiment of sound. Between 2012–2019 Blecharz had been curating the Instalakcje music festival at Warsaw’s Nowy Theater, featuring non-concert music: sound installations, performance installations, sound sculptures, music videos, music theater and others. Blecharz has directed his three of his opera-installations: Transcryptum (2013) commissioned by Grand Theater National Opera in Warsaw; Park-Opera (2016) commissioned by Theater Powszechny in Warsaw and Body-Opera commissioned by Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (2016). His performative-music installations and music theater pieces include: House of Sound for 40 instruments and participatory audience; Manifesto for orchestra (for any type of instruments and participatory audience; a cycle of 8 Fields for various instrumental (spatial) set-ups; Symphony No. 1 for orchestra in 4 groups and moving audience, Symphony No. 2 for orchestra open to any type of musician, Symphony No. 3 for 222 wireless speakers. In 2020 Blecharz was invited by Museum of the History of Polish Jews POLIN in Warsaw to create a performative installation for the Museum’s community choir (Mantra for Muranów), also in 2020 a retrospective with Blecharz’s works took place during New Empathies Festival at Radial System, Berlin. In 2022 Blecharz was working on two large-scale, collaborative music installations: Queer Magick Intervention (created together with Vala T. Foltyn) for the Former Nazi Party Rally Grounds in Nuremberg.

Nico Navarro Rueda is a fashion designer, self-taught illustrator and artist based in Berlin, Germany. The experimentation with movement, shape, silhouette and colour are applied to their projects to give a sense of fluidity through structure and detail. They use creation and making as a therapeutic process. Their heritage and identity, as well as gender studies and spirituality are subjects that build up their body of work. Their goal is to create honest stories as pieces of art, concentrating on the craft and elevating each technique. They graduated in 2013 as a fashion designer and visual designer/ graphic from the Design Department Düsseldorf and is working on their BA Thesis in Fashion Design at the Weißensee School of Art Berlin (Kunsthochschule Berlin- Weißensee).

They have worked and collaborated with dancers, performers and artists such as Melanie Jame Wolf (Showbusiness, The Creep), Jess Aszodi (When I Go), Przemek Kamiński, Karol Tymiński (SETI, Heavyweight Holding Body), Xenia Taniko (I'm A Lie That Tells The Truth), Sunny Pfalzer, with voice artists Otucha Collective, with stage and light designer Sandra Blatterer for Milla Koistinen (Breathe, Magenta Haze), with directors Thea Reifler & Phila Bergmann (SHEDHALLE Zürich) as well as Matthias Schnönijahn and with composers Wojciech Blecharz and Laure M. Hiendl.

With Field V. Aura they’ve performed in the HAUT Y Choreography Festival in Copenhagen and in the New Empathies Festival at Radialsystem in Berlin alongside performer and writer Göksu Kunak aka Gucci Chunk.