Blues & Oraliture

BLUES & ORALITURE. MUSING AROUND THE SONIC AND LITERARY is a platform / space for gatherings, exchanges and ruminations around the sonic and literary. For the opening session, we warmly welcome Anja Saleh.

Together with invited guests – poets, sonic practitioners, artists, cultural practitioners and more – the series will engage with their various practices and the issues addressed in their work. The series aims at bringing in and sharing words, counterwords as May Ayim calls them in her poem "am anfang war das wort": "words that make sense, words that carry meaning". Each talk will be conceived as a call and response whereby the call can be poetry, music and the response music, poetry without a need to fixate on these terms but rather a conscious will to navigate within these genres and find the overlaps between them. The series will embrace and approach multilingualism as a core transmission element.

Anja Saleh is a multi-disciplinary artist, curator, poet, and author of Soon, The Future of Memory, her debut poetry collection published in 2021. She has a background in political and social sciences. Her work explores topics around heritage crafts, memory practices, alternative education systems, and future studies.