The Bridge Can Get Us There 

We cordially invite you to an exhibition by our sister organisation Archive: The Bridge can get us there considers the potential of publishing as a subversive and emancipatory practice through the prism of transnational feminist methodologies and anticolonial thought. The exhibition will bring together artistic propositions in conversation with past and current publishing experiments that allow us to reflect on the multiple ways womxn from different locations and with different theoretical and practical background have devised in order to decenter both national and neocolonial power structures.

The Bridge can get us there sets out to traverse publishing in its broader sense, considering different modalities of speech, translation, transmission, dissemination, and archiving. The exhibition and public program seeks to address this expanded idea of publishing by looking at varied emancipatory experiences while simultaneously exposing and reflecting on the invisible structuring mechanisms that lie behind the act of publishing, and the hegemonic systems of knowledge production informed by logocentric and Eurocentric views and languages.

The Bridge can get us there is part of Publishing Practices – a yearly program committed to publishing as unconfined to the production and dissemination of printed matters, open to a multi-sensorial reflection on other ways to know and exist. Its first edition unfolds around a four-week residency and co-learning forum, that gathers artists, writers, weavers, performers, and practitioners.