Feel welcome to the closing frequency of the project MAGICAL HACKERISM which set its tunes in an INVOCATIONS programme extending the hacking of realities through imagination and word, sound and rhythm, body and technology. The weekend will be days for drafting protocols, embodying technologies and spelling worlds towards the rendering of a multiplicity of realities. Constellating sonic acts, performative offerings, talks and broad live coding sessions, our INVOCATIONS program will be another excuse to come together to stretch time, space and dimensions. What are the tropisms that keep us in motion?


Magical Hackerism refers to this essential hacking of reality and the rendering of a multiplicity of worlds. 

The etymology of the word Tropics comes from the ancient belief that the sun turned back at the solstices, the Tropikós, from the greek word τροπή – meaning the point where things turn. Magical Hackerism is the manifestation of the Tropical Turn as a mindset.

Since the conception of the globe, a one-world way of being has been positioned as our main cosmology. A cosmology can be understood as a set of principles or a framework that determines our understandings of the planet, our ways of being, and ways of relating to each other. Consequently, our responses and response·abilities are conditioned by our cosmologies and frameworks too. The dominant cosmology of globalism is deeply rooted in modern binary understandings of the planet with embedded hierarchies in them: nature / culture, civilized / savage, West / East, the so-called Global North / South. Whatever is done at one side of the line is validated whereas what is done at the other side is rendered invisible. The computational thinking of solutionism and optimization has made us impose an homogenizing universal system into communities and environments for the sake of progress and civilization. Often, whenever a post-capitalist scenario is envisioned, it is still conceived as a single global system. We ask ourselves:  To which extent will we keep perpetuating the verticalities we have performed so far? There’s no single answer for the complexities of our planet but rather multiple responses. How can we alter the way we respond to the climate emergency and (Post-)COVID–19 realities? How can we render a multiplicity of worlds and ways of being?

In this collaborative thought-do-flow experiment, the neighbours SAVVY Contemporary and come together to examine various forms of technologies from a Tropikós perspective (both as region and as mindset), in order to diversify and redistribute the networks of technologies and cultural imaginaries towards pluriversal understandings of the planet. With this constellation, we aim to complexify the dominant cosmology of modern binary divisions and systems of classification, disrupt the vertical sight in our relationship to natural, artificial and hybrid environments and establish dialogues between a multiplicity of worlds and cosmologies that exist by themselves and not by opposing to a contrary.

With Magical Hackerism, we have the intention of pluriversing technologies in order to assemble means that render a multiplicity of realities. More than a recognition, it is the opportunity for a re·cognition: to rewire the root code of what we think makes us human. We are interested in the tropisms that keep life in motion. Despite an existence that is against all odds, and evens, and binaries, technologies of life bloom and outlive the technologies of mass distraction and dis·location.