Garden of Ten SEasons

We cordially invite you to join us at this year's Venice Biennale for the joyous announcement of Garden of Ten Season – a collaboration between Kathmandu Triennale, SAVVY Contemporary, Para Site, Siddhartha Arts Foundation and Durjoy Bangladesh Foundation, with further support of Wellington and Virginia Sun Yee Trust. All details about the upcoming exhibition in Berlin in June 2022 will be announced this Thursday. 

One of the starting points of the exhibition are the image- and object-making lineages that transversed or unfolded in parallel to the fractures of the modern. The exhibition will discuss appropriate frameworks of understanding and bringing together these multiple aesthetic and cosmological lineages active today, from paubha painting in Nepal to ink in East Asia and barkcloth in the Pacific, as well as to other languages marginalised by a Eurocentric canon.