Becoming Ancestors

In the framework of our current project 4 + 3 = 1 , we cordially invite all BIPoC folks to an embodied storytelling workshop facilitated by Vivian Ngozika Aghamelu which focuses on creating new narratives through a decolonial and queer perspective. 

Stories are part of our lives. Stories influence our actions, our thinking and our perspective. Stories help us connect with our ancestors. They create memories and values that guide our life's journey. We live in a time of change and awakening, where we are challenging existing norms and changing narratives. 

In this workshop, we will create our own stories. Stories that contain norms and values that we consider important for a modern age and that we want to leave behind for our descendants. Using various storytelling and theater techniques, we will create short stories that we will embody as the workshop progresses. Through embodiment using various movement practices, we will connect with the stories we have created so that they are absorbed into our body memory and live on within us. 

No previous experience in the field of movement or theater is necessary.  All you need is yourself and your body!
Please come in comfortable clothing!
This workshop is offered for people who identify as BIPoC. 

Vivian Ngozika Aghamelu is a dramatherapist, empowerment activist and artist. Her work focuses on the expression of inner, social and interpersonal processes through movement, embodiment and play. 

As a drama therapist and empowerment activist, Vivian Ngozika Aghamelu works within communities most vulnerable to socio-economic issues such as racism, gender inequality and social injustice. She has given several empowerment workshops for women, refugees and Black Indigenous People Of Color as well as drama workshops for children with different social backgrounds.

Vivian Ngozika Aghamelu’s artistic work is remembered by her audience because their attention is captured in its focus which lies on the expression of one’s inner self. As a global citizen working to make positive impact on society, she embeds socially relevant topics in her performances, productions and workshops which she executes through a combination of play, movement and storytelling. Her vision is is to empower people to be actors of their own story.