Alpha Caribe

This Sunday, in a two-hour special, SAVVYZΛΛR relays a series of sonic constellations beaming out from infinity: these spacious soundscapes extend from throughout the Caribbean and reverberate by way of the constellations Alpha I, Alpha II, and Alpha III. The constellations are a series of songs comprised of ancestral sounds and spirits from the past which come to shake the consciences and consciousnesses of our presents and futures. 

Alpha I aims to generate connection points between inheritances of symbiosis, as a result of the migrations carried out from the Antilles to the continental Caribbean and their echoes. 

Alpha II was born in the distant limits between light and shadow, receiving in its orbit a set of sounds whose gravitational and sonorous proximity attract energetic forces that from the spiritual, the urban, the roots, and the romantic give life to the rhythms brought from the Caribbean to cosmic vastness.

Alpha III is a journey through multiple consciences and ways of understanding the sonic sidereal, a timekeeping system that astronomers use to locate the angles of celestial stars and subjects, that occurs throughout the Caribbean. This final constellation takes each on a continued journey to infinitude, with the sound waves of musical motions traveling past our dimension.

Their celestial systems have echoes with Colombia’s research program La Usurpadora, an investigative project and research space founded by Maria Isabel Rueda and Mario Alberto Llanos based in Puerto Colombia. Mario Alberto Llanos is SAVVY’s current curator in residence who currently collaborates with us in the framework of our project FOR THE PHOENIX TO FIND ITS FORM IN US. ON RESTITUTION, REHABILITATION, AND REPARATION.

La Usurpadora emerges as a platform of visualization in the absence of spaces for local and regional artists to disseminate their work. A fundamental aspect of the project relies on the research and rescue of regional artists that are vital sources in the arts of the country. Using notions of science fiction, physics, and modes of knowledge beyond the west to build expanding forms of unofficial history through the arts.


Alpha I

Simbi D ́Lo - Frisner Augustin (Mafalda Mondestin – Haití)
Queen Ifrica - Nyahbinghi Chanting (Katrina Coombs – Jamaica)
Enerolisa y el grupo de salve de mata los indios – Gran Buá (Enerlolisa Nuñez – Rep Dominicana)
Petrona Martínez – A Rró Rró (Carlos María Romero – Colombia)
Mighty Shadow – Dat soca Boat (Akuzuru – Trinidad & Tobago)
Chico Buarque – Construcción – Cuba) (Orestes Hernández
Lord Cobra – Colón Colón (José Castrellón – Panamá)
Padú del Caribe – El diablo Suelto ( Nelson González – Venezuela /Aruba)

Alpha II

Enerolisa y el grupo de salve de mata los indios – Pa los Olivos (Enerlolisa Nuñez – Rep Dominicana)
Padu del Caribe – Aboso (Nelson González – Venezuela/Aruba)
The Beachers – Mosaico Calypso (José Castrellón – Panamá)
Yaaas Goddie - Spice (Katrina Coombs – Jamaica)
Chocolate Mc – A veces (Orestes Hernández – Cuba)
Mbilia Bel – La Bollona (Carlos María Romero – Colombia)
Emeline Michel – Flanm (Mafalda Modestin – Haití)
Tanya Tagaq – Nacreous ( Akuzuru – Trinidad y Tobago)

Alpha III

Journey in satcgitananda – Alice Coltrane ( Akuzuru – Trinidad & Tobago)
Grabba – Queen Ifrica (Katrina Coombs – Jamaica )
Tann Pou Tann – Master Dji (Mafalda Mondestin – Haití)
Duro – Neo Pistea ( Orestes Hernández - Cuba)
El guardia del arsenal – Luis Días ( Yina Jiménez – Rep Dominicana)
Los barcos en la bahía – Los Mozambiques (José Castrellón – Panamá)
Mi libertad – Joe Arroyo ( Mario Llanos – Colombia )
Boranda – Sonora Ponceña ( Pablo Guardiola – Puerto Rico)
El Africano – Calixto Ochoa y su conjunto.(Maria Isabel Rueda – Colombia)
Muerte de Martín – Enerolisa y el grupo de salve de mata los indios ( Eneroliza – Rep Dominicana)
Currucuchu – La Niña Emiia ( Carlos María Romero – Colombia )