404 Suns&Shadows

When we look at digital technologies, we have to remind ourselves that digital doesn’t only mean the quantifiable or the numerique. When we trace the digital to its etymological root, we find fingers. It is likely that a decimal system is positioned over other ones because most humans have ten fingers. However, we should remind ourselves that there are several ways of counting, breaking and navigating rhythms.  

We welcome you wholeheartedly to an evening that will begin with a listening session where we will immerse ourselves into the logics present in certain frequencies and rhythms from noise and field recordings. Later on, the night will transition into an embodiment of technologies, patterns and discourses: a moving session. 

KMRU is a Nairobi-born, Berlin- based sound artist whose work is grounded on the discourse of field recording, noise, and sound art. His work posits expanded listening cultures of sonic thoughts and sound practices, a proposition to consider and reflect on auditory cultures beyond the norms. An awareness of surroundings through creative compositions, installations and performances. He has earned international acclaim from his performances in far-flung locales as well as his profound releases.

NYKSAN (TraTraTrax) is a Colombian sound artist and DJ leaning towards the adventurous end of the sonic spectrum, encompassing anything from ambient, mutant electronics, distinct rhythms, techno and reggaeton. He is also the co-founder of Tratratrax, a label pursuing the quest of introducing and amplifying the mighty fire that is raging from the clubs of Sur América and the Global South. Under his Nyksan alias, he has delivered sonic journeys at NTS, HÖR Berlin, Boiler Room, Sónar festival, Ars Electronica, Tresor 31 Festival, Festival Estéreo Picnic, Baum Festival, Video Club, Brilliant Corners, amongst others.

His latest release is Sacrificio – the baptism of an immersive interactive project, a comprehensive work that incorporates multiple arts. Sculpture, music, digital arts, architecture and photography collide to exalt the Colombian territory, specifically a section of the imposing Chiribiquete. In the search to transcend the merely conceptual, this sacrifice also seeks to protect the majestic space. In this interdisciplinary development, technology is used to create a parallel universe that emerges from digital scans and becomes an invitation to navigate the new memories of this sacred place.

Qeei (Tatiana Heuman)works in the fields of music, performance and media art. She plays drums, likes loops, repetitions and surprises. Her approach to musical production was founded essentially in a collaborative, free, intuitive and experimental territory where genres and tags are fluid and in permanent mutation. Qeei's music embraces impulse, empowerment, chaos and sensitivity, considering sound and movement as inseparable entities. Since 2018, she has been touring, presenting her music at festivals and venues such as MACBA, Tauron Nowa Muzyka or CTM. Tatiana understands audio processing and the expansion of listening as a means to build spaces of exchange and reflection to favor the creation of narratives of care and solidarity.

Edna Martinez is an artist, DJ and curator who routes Caribbean, African and Arab sounds. Inspired by the Picó Sound System culture from the Colombian Caribbean where she grew up, she translates diverse sound influences of Tropical rhythms, Latin basses, champeta, tribal polyrhythms, Arabic melodies and beyond into her sets and also into monthly radio shows for Radio Alhara (Palestine) and WORLDWIDE FM (London).  Edna Martinez is the woman behind LATINARAB, a live set and musical curatorship that involves Arab and Caribbean artists from these regions on stage. EL VOLCAN, the only Picó night in Germany, where she is co-founder and curator. She is also a lover of vinyl  and has collaborated with record labels such as ANALOG AFRICA(Germany), NICOLAS JAAAR's OTHER PEOPLE in NY, PALENQUE RECORDS (Colombia) and is currently doing a project with STRUT RECORDS (England).

Chaos Clay or Mightyis an afrofuturist DJ, producer, and party curator based in Geneva. In their practice, they merge the cultural productions of racialized queer people, theoretical and popular knowledge to channel an emancipatory discourse. They founded the Archipelagogo Club events, promoting the richness, complexity and political legacy of club culture. Through music, they manipulate space and time, inviting  fluid and mutating bodies on the dancefloor. They have been playing eclectic sets revolving around House, and Ballroom music in Fort-de-France, Johannesburg, Roma, Paris, Berlin, and throughout Switzerland.

Makumba & Zufu (Dengue Dengue Dengue) Makumba & Zufu are Berlin based artists from Lima, Peru. They explore the possibilities of broken beats and polyrhythmic rhythms. They are part of the project Dengue Dengue Dengue.