Uranus Sonic Breathing

22.11.2020 is the official closure of our physical exhibition RAUPENIMMERSATTISM. THE AFFLUENT SOCIETY AS CONSUMED SOCIETY OR 
THE MYTH OF ENDLESS PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION. In honour of the multiperspective reflections that shape the exhibition, we propose a time-travel with sound artist Fallon Mayanja. The two travels, sending us back and forth, into a circular round trip are a hopeful inscription into a time that we instantly compose by remembering that what could be.

For RAUPENIMMERSATTISM, Fallon Mayanja has created two new sonic artworks: Uranus Sonic Breathing is a sound installation inside the exhibition. For the recent sound composition Sonic Healing <Attempt> the artist has additionally created a video performance that accompanies the travel. It projects the current time-space into the past future. A signal to the project’s possible future INVOCATION. From the angle of the planetary. Clamating. Climating. Enchanting. On the traces of question-and-exclamation-marks. At the tension of suspension. A tense present’s ellipsis marking the orbit’s ellipse in moments of shifts.

Both compositions come as a journey, as a search for space. They give a scenario that glitches parallels in which we did live or could live. A back-and-forth movement from past to future, from future to past. From the earth to the universe. Elements are our shapes, our beginnings and our ends. We are plants, lands, stars, more and various. Yet condemned to silence and howling resistance, we are witnesses of each other. We exist in all spaces and times to extend our presence. Relying on vibration to rebuild foundations.

Both sound travels are composed of poetry, a collage of field recordings, and planet sonification archive elements. With a compositional structure similar to meditative soundscapes.