We cordially invite you to the public program of  ULTRASANITY. ON MADNESS, SANITATION, ANTIPSYCHIATRY AND RESISTANCE – a project in four chapters which challenges Western scientific methods and perspectives on mental health. It questions medical (mis)conceptions of psychopathologies by situating them in the context of coloniality, racialisation, objectification, and patriarchal oppression. This project confronts us again with traumas and fears of displacement and contamination, pondering the notion of madness beyond a Western understanding. Without romanticising the notion and stigma of madness, we seek to address the heuristic and generative potential of certain forms of delirium. Our additional aims are to grant fundamental significance to community engagement and to spiritual, systemic, intra-generational histories in formulating healing strategies. With this exhibition and discursive programme, we navigate the space of ULTRASANITY, to problematize the dichotomy of insanity as the opposite of sanity, and to inhabit the liminal space that lies past the norm, stripped of processes of normalisation and control. 

The Invocations program comprises a series of performances, film screenings, talks and round-table discussions, workshops, and sonic interventions, which bring together artists, writers, activists, filmmakers and musicians, patients, healers, clinicians, cognitive scientists, scholars and practitioners involved in the clarities and twilights of the ultrasane.