Processing Archives 

In times of closed cultural spaces, we invite you to stroll by and see an exhibition we present in our big windows. Through radio and poetry we connect with those who pause and watch and breathe and listen. Processing Archives shows works and processes in which the artists Afọpẹ́fólúwa Òjó and Monaí de Paula Antunes find themselves in while being part of the Lagos-Berlin residency programme – a collaboration between ZK/U – Center for Art and Urbanistics, Galerie Wedding, Goethe Institut Lagos, 16/16 and SAVVY Contemporary. Afọpẹ́fólúwa Òjó has been based in Berlin these past months, while Monaí has had a virtual residence in Lagos. 

RADIO GARDENING by Monaí de Paula Antunes is a radiophonic ecosystem, mixing heterogeneous content, formats and traditions of radio-making within radio’s own material complexity. It will be installed on one side of SAVVY’s window showcase giving public access from outside to a radio environment via FM and online, with different layers of interactivity. 

With AN AFRICAN POET CRIES AT THE WIND Afọpẹ́fólúwa Òjó will introduce us to a project she is currently working on – an attempt at creating a reading economy for african poetry outside of the structures and hierarchy of publishing and curation that inherently influence reading behaviours. The project manifests as an investigation in cultures of archiving, reading and writing as mutable and mobile digital forms which can be transmitted and translated algorithmically. 

The work’s primary focus is on readers, not meaning, context or style, but rather looks to create a channel for curiosity around the different kinds of poetic works being created by Africans on the continent and in the diaspora. The project will materialize as an autonomous system that will manage a local database, and broadcast avenues for connecting with the archive via a web application enabling open source access.

Monaí de Paula Antunesis an artistic researcher interested in complexity and communication together with their material, spatial and political entanglements. She is the founder and director of Archipel Stations Community Radio. 

Afọpẹ́fólúwa Òjó is a writer, creative technologist, and experiential artist whose work engages our lived experiences, language, memory, experiments with form, the lyrical, and the mundane.