Corpo Que Se Expande

In the month of Februrary, we are honoured to host two outstanding performers, directors, thinkers from Brazil: Laís Machado and Diego Araúja. From the multitude of their projects they will present one of them to us which is invested in the production of awareness and presence: In an endeavour for connection and creation, their platform ÀRÀKÁ in Salvador de Bahia houses two poetic perspectives which feed into each other: Corpo Quilombo, directed by Laís Machado and Aesthetics for a Non-Time, directed by Diego Araúja.

In their presentation at SAVVY Contemporary the artists share the processes that contribute to the development of these poetics, born from the experience of being a deterritorialized and afro-diasporic body in Brazil. Grounded in this fact, the notion of production moves these initiations through the reinvention of memories, ethics and assimilation of self references as aesthetic markers in the artistic works of Diego Araúja and Laís Machado. Consisting of a transperspective in the agency of aesthetic phenomena, or trance as a performance of connection, these artistic practices are motivated by the possibility of producing presences and consciences that extrapolate the very sense of memory.