Bauhaus: Utopia in Crisis

As part of Bauhaus: Utopia in Crisis, a project initiated and curated by the University of the Arts London, we are looking forward to extend the spinning of our year-long endeavour SPINNING TRIANGLES: IGNITION OF A SCHOOL OF DESIGN that seeks to challenge and act against the inherent (neo-)colonial power structures in design practices, theory and teaching. At Bauhaus: Utopia in Crisis, we intervene by suggesting new acquistions to the University’s libraries, participate in the exhibition through an open conversation, and are part of a panel during the accompanying symposium. 


In the open conversation we will take the participants’ perspectives and questions around the entanglements of coloniality/modernity, design and design education as a starting point. Lynhan Balatbat-Helbock and Elsa Westreicher from SAVVY Contemporary, who have been involved in Spinning Triangles from its start are initiating this conversation as a platform of sharing experiences, knowledges and questions, participating themselves, rather than taking on the roles of moderators. Both would like to invite all those interested to bring an object that taught or un-taught them something.

The UAL suggests to reserve your place on their website. 


During the symposium Lynhan and Elsa will talk about the intentions and tensions of  Spinning Triangles and embed the project into SAVVY Contemporary’s longterm process and proposal to “un-learn”. In the case of Spinning Triangles, the focus is put on “design” as a practice embedded in teaching methods and theoretical frameworks. By questioning and enacting the founding of a school of design, the project references the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus. Not to repeat its founding moment, but to twist it: the Spinning Triangles school of design intends to go to some of the deep entanglements that make up the challenges of our “now”, and becomes, precisely by this, an “Un-school”.

If you are in London, please do join us and register here in advance.