Residing in the borderlands

Followin our 52 weeks long series HOW DOES THE WORLD BREATHE NOW?,  SAVVY will start a new year-long, monthly, film series in spring 2019 with Berlin as a point of departure for explorations on nationality, residency, and belonging from a diasporic perspective. With it, we hope to better understand how civic responsibility can be built across diverse communities through an examination of the shifting realities entailed in living together, rather than a stiff allegiance to a nostalgic and homogeneous “Heimat”.

To this end, we will invite twelve speakers, each living in a different part of Berlin, from a different diasporic community, and with occupations close to or far from the cultural landscape, to choose a film that represents their experience moving through the city. The film need not be about Berlin or even set in the city, but must capture some essence, or essential question that has shaped the speaker’s experience of migration. After we screen each film, we will host a discussion in which the speaker will locate themself within the city and talk about points of intersection with the different communities to which they belongs. In choosing the speakers, we have aimed both to reflect a diversity of disciplinary and personal backgrounds as well as a mix of newcomers and established Berliners. In this way, we will be attracting a very different mix of audience members to each screening and, as the series progresses, we hope to have repeat attendees who experience a reality and perspective that is different from their own.