4 + 3 = 1


These Radiobooks are one of the chapters through which our project 4 + 3 = 1  unfolds. In these chapters, we follow the question: How do we recompose a common in a society marked by separations?

In the form of a research process, a series of storytelling sessions, radio books, workshops, zines, and an exhibition accompanied by a discursive and performance programme, the project FourPlusThreeEqualsOne seeks to enact the common denominators that tell (hi)stories about the city of Berlin and its becoming. It engages with the possibilities of repairing and restoring societal balance(s).

This project unfolds in multiple chapters, each tailored specifically to work with Berlin based PoC communities. We also invite international voices, and experts in their field of work to travel across borders and binary thinking. We weave various formats that at times gather participants in intimate settings, and other times we meet in the performative through story with audiences to recalibrate balance systems.

With the RADIOBOOKS, we create, produce and delve into multi-format 1-hour-long radio features which will air monthly on SAVVYZΛΛR. The radio invites people from all walks of life, including artists, philosophers, writers but also informal communities living in Berlin to think of radio as both a tool of research, but also a book of its own. Each session will transmit from Berlin and carry on the knowledge shared onto the next listener, and the next one, creating a ripple effect of transmissions and conversations. The radio program accompanies the project throughout its whole duration, and each month will visit one segment, question, chapter of our framework. 

Book 1: Subtle Energy in Poetry with a Beat  
With Eliyas and Lynhan Balatbat-Helbock

In the beginning, there was the Mixtape:
Mixtape Menage, a poetic-philosophic reading travel to verbalisations and sound reverberations, sets us into the musicality of electricity and its relational magnitude. Created, arranged and tuned by Eiliyas, and accompanied by a guest, the sessions sonorise-visualise notes loudly unheard-of. 

In this first 4+3 RadioBook dedicated to Subtle Energy, Eiliyas is joined by curator Lynhan Balatbat-Helbock, to manifest and enhance inscriptions by authors like Kodwo Eshun, Elise Kermani, RAMMELLZEE, and Saul Williams. They remind us of formulas of the living, encoded in subtle energies of hip hop and beyond. Or, to say it with Nikki Giovanni: it's poetry with a beat. 


Book 2: Subtle Energy in Poetry with a Beat  
With Tanka Fonta

Tanka Fonta takes over the thread from the first RadioBook with Eiliyas to weave further with the SUBTLE ENERGY IN POETRY WITH A BEAT.


Book 3: Cosmos | Time-Space / Ceremony
With Nkisi

The direction we give into our lives depends on who we think we are.

Engaged on the way back to light,
we must know that while living on earth, we are children of the stars.

This knowledge or awareness is fundamental because
it is only from this moment that our incarnation unfolds...

The interstellar emptiness can be terrifying and
cosmic immensity is everything but reassuring.

As much as we are, as many others are,

It is the contact with each other that gives meaning to our lives, that reassures us.

How do you wake up remembering your night dreams?

The field of dreams is the first portal from which we access
the world beyond our material dimension.

We must therefore give importance to this oneiric universe.

We are everywhere at the same time,
a star-gate is a portal, as time is a frequency.

The stars are singing inside of you...

What gives life?

The invisible within is our inner sun.

Our inner fire.

The invisible shield...