Fossilised Frequencies

We welcome Urban Feral at SAVVYZΛΛR who brings us Fossilised Frequencies – a sound art project based on the Sufi understanding of the healing properties of sound vibrations. Morphing, weaving and sculpting noise and narrative to create soundscapes that allow for a meditative experience. Fossilised Frequencies is an ongoing, ever growing investigation on the hertz and hearts of people and land.

Episode #1 Dream Realm

What do dreams sound like? This hour offers an acoustic journey through the human psyche. Fossilised Frequencies invites you to teleport and lucidly travel through the space of the dream realm from the comfort of your own environment.

Episode #2 Iraqi female

Urban Feral’s second session on SAVVYZΛΛR tunes into the airwaves of the land that has lived in the longest of lockdowns: Iraq. The resilience of the Iraqi female has stood the test of time. A new archetypal woman of survival and persistence in changing landscapes has been formed. Her sound becomes her armour. With Urban Feral, we scan the frequencies scattered across the land and hear Her call.

Episode #3 Divine Love

Divine love is a concept often hijacked by religion and/or romantic relationships. Now more than ever Divine Love is needed and a relearing of what it means and how to embody it. One can not fall in love, one has to be love

With the loving voices of Maya Angelou, Osho, Krishnamurti, Alan Watts, bell hooks, Sadhguru. Sri Daya Mata and Erich Fromm.